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small flour making machine

Flour is a staple food for many communities and this has prompted development of small flour making machines. These machines have all the main components of the normal grinders, only that they are sizeable to fit in the small machines. The main aim of producing these small machines is to promote flour production even on a small scale.

All the essential parts including, rollers, destoners, grinders and graders are present in these machines. Although they handle small amounts of grains at a time, they are quite efficient and can rate effectively when compared with the industrial grinders. Many brands have come in to produce small flour making machines that have different power capacities and yields.

Features of a small flour making machine

Since it is a sizeable machine, some of the features present in the industrial grinders have undergone combinations to fit. Here are the main features that you will get in this machine:

  • Sieves
They serve a very important purpose of removing the impurities and grading the flour. There are usually two types, depending on the grain one is using, the vibrating and the horizontal sieves. They are also useful for purification of flour after processing.
  • Rollers and grinders

They are the main component of small flour making machines. Their primary purpose is to reduce the size of the grains to flour-particle sizes. The types and orientation of the rollers and grinders will be specific to the type of subject grains.
These are the main functional components, but the machine has other components to enhance its functionality. The most remarkable thing to note everything is sizeable but efficient.

Small flour making machine usage

Most of these machines have automations that will support the specific grains. The main specifications of a machine will depend on the size and shapes of the grains. For efficient and effective production, you must use the right machine for the right grain. Some machines have full automation that includes packaging, which makes it user friendly.

Since these machines have designs for local productions, usage should be easy and one that requires minimal skills. This is the reason that most of them have synchronizations. Using these automation modes, one can choose the specific grade that they want from the grain. This is in contrast with industrial flour making machines that will require some skilled labor to operate.

Advantages of small flour making machines

  • Convenience
Due to their small size, these machines are convenient for any small-scale flour production. Some machines can support grinding of more than one type of grain. This makes it convenient for use, given the variety of raw materials you can use.
  • Power saving
For small flour making machines with yields of 10-20ton/day, they will mostly have low voltage requirements of below 300V. This is quite efficient when compared to industrial machines that will have over 600V usage.
  • Labor saving
Given their small sizes and high levels of automation, they require minimal labor, especially the expensive skilled labor. This reduces cost of production and increases profit margins for the small-scale four producers.
  • High efficiency
The concentration of flour milling processes increases efficiency, given the small volumes of grains passing through the components at a time. When well set, you can get better flour grades than for industrial flour producers.
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