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what to notice when using flour processing machine

Flour processing machine is mainly used in small and medium-sized grain processing plants, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, feed and other granular, powder material classification and screening. The utility model has the advantages of large screen area, beautiful appearance and convenient installation. In order to adapt to market competition, ABC Machinery constantly innovate and develop our flour processing machinery, sincerely cooperate with national grain colleges and research institutes, absorb advanced technology at home and abroad, develop flour processing machines on the basis of wheat flour production, and become the earliest and most professional production base of maize (corn) processing machinery and miscellaneous grain processing machinery in China.

Before using the flour processing machines, first check whether the welding parts inside and outside the flour processing equipment are firm, whether the parts are deformed or broken, etc. Check whether the bolts in the connecting parts of the flour processing machine are installed well, whether the transmission wheel, the tensioning wheel and the fixed nuts at each end of the wheel are installed completely and firmly; rotate the threshing drum and its moving parts to see if there is stuck, collision phenomenon, running smoothly, flexible, there is no abnormal sound in the bearing; check whether the anti-rust paint of flour processing machinery parts is even and smooth, whether there is flaking or serious scratches, there is rust caused by poor paint quality.

Flour processing machinery uses high-strength flat belt, its two ends of the joint and fixed dustpan using belt bolt connection. The transmission device is generally driven by cycloid pinwheel reducer motor through sprocket drive, and can be driven by ordinary motor through belt drive suspended shaft reducer. The reducer is fitted on the protruding end of the head axle. The motor should be installed on the motor frame, when the design height of the bucket elevator is less than 10 meters, it can also be installed on the nose seat.

The air that is heated indirectly by hot stove, is sent to the hot air chamber of the drying section by the action of centrifugal fan of the flour processing machinery; the hot air self-heating chamber continuously crosses the thin grain layer of the drying section, the direction of hot air flow and the grain movement direction cross each other, the hot air flow and the grain get more sufficient contact, so that the grain is heated. The exhaust gas after drying is discharged from the exhaust chamber.

In this way, the cycle drying is carried out again and again until the moisture content of the grain meets the required warehousing standards. Grain is not ventilated and heated during the tempering period, but the grain just leaves the drying section maintains a certain temperature. Because of the temperature difference and moisture difference between the surface and the interior of the grain, the moisture inside the grain moves outward gradually and tends to be balanced, creating conditions for the next cycle of temperature rise and precipitation.

Keep your flour processing machinery clean

Whether the flour processing machinery is clean or not has a great impact on its processing quality. If the cleaning work of the flour processing machinery cannot be guaranteed, the quality of the flour processing equipment will be damaged and the quality of finished flour will be decreased. Regular sterilization is an important part of the cleaning of flour processing equipment, which is very important for flour processing machinery:

  1. The flour milling raw materials - grain - will bring a large number of bacteria for flour processing machines; if not cleaned up, it will produce abundant bacterial residues, which will affect the diet health;
  2. Bacteria may also exist on the tools used to clean the flour processing equipment. If not cleaned, the quality of processing will be affected.
  3. The waste water discharged from flour processing equipment needs sterilization as well, so as to ensure the recycling of waste water. Regular sterilization is very important for flour processing machinery. Only by regularly sterilizing flour processing equipment can the quality of flour processing machinery be better guaranteed.
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