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Daily maintenance of home scale small flour mill

Flour machinery has large, medium and small-sized. Large scale flour machine is generally purchased by large enterprises and relevant government departments who have more energy to carry out maintenance and repair of equipment, and also professional operation. While small flour mills are mostly for family use, its operation only needs one person, and the professional knowledge of operators is often incomplete. However, the small flour mill has a large market demand, low price and easy operation, which is welcomed by customers.

Being a flour mill manufacturer, we often receives many questions regarding small flour mills, such as: can a small flour mill be operated by one person? How much flour can a small family use flour machine produce in a day? What's the price of a small flour mill? How about the effect of the home use small flour machine? Etc. If you also have these questions, please leave your contact information below, we will contact as soon as possible for further communication.

Small flour mill has a wide range of practicability; its occupied area is very small, which fully indicates that it has very low noise. The good feature of this equipment is a large degree of grinding, so as to improve your economic efficiency. The process of purification is to purify and classify the products with similar particle size according to their quality. In the milling process of a small flour mill, because the slag core material proposed by flat screen sieving usually contains a small amount of skin and endosperm with the same grain size, if such material is sent to the core grinding, the quality of the flour will be adversely affected. When the skin and endosperm are put forward by the cleaner, the core material of the core grinding is the purified slag core particles. Cleaning is a necessary technological condition for producing high-grade flour.

To ensure the quality of flour processed by small flour machine, there are requirements of operation skills. If the staff can master the mechanical principle and maintenance, has electrical knowledge, familiar with the processing process and operation, on this basis can ensure the continuous operation of the machine, has a certain research on reducing power consumption and the stability of flour yield, he is very helpful to flour quality improvement.

Small flour mill has simple structure, and is widely used and practical, and its covering area is very small, so that it is fully explained that the noise is very low, and this equipment has a good feature that is to maximize the grinding surface, thereby improving our economic efficiency. Rolling distance adjustment is the most important operation content of small flour mill. In actual production, the technical characteristics of flour flow and grinding roller are generally relatively stable. When the quality of raw materials, climatic conditions and the conditions of grinding teeth change, it is necessary to adjust the rolling distance so that the product parameters are always in a coordinated and stable state.

Small flour mill has a high degree of automation, can independently complete the production and processing of wheat flour, and meet the fast and efficient requirements of modern social work. Such equipment is the result of technology importation and innovation, which improves the processing efficiency and level of complete equipment as a whole.

The failure of the small flour mill may be caused by improper assembly of the machine itself or irregular behavior during operation. For these reasons, if the operators of small flour processing equipment want to improve the efficiency and treatment effect of the machine as much as possible, they should first have a full understanding of the machine, then pay attention to real-time monitoring, find abnormalities, and stop the machine in time to solve the problem.

Small flour mill is recognized as the main equipment in the flour factory. Its grinding effect directly affects the economic and technical indicators of the flour factory, and ultimately determines the economic benefits of the flour factory. Therefore, the grinder has become the most important position with the highest technical content and operation level in the whole flour factory. How can a grinder operate a flour mill well: As a qualified grinder, he should be familiar with the pulverizing technology and various pulverizing equipment, and must not be satisfied with the knowledge imparting and his own experience, otherwise the operation level will be difficult to improve.

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