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1. Wheat cleaning technology

Grain wheat - high efficiency vibrating screen + winnowing - magnetic separation - wheat scourer + winnowing - plansifter + winnowing - specific gravity stone removal machine + air separation - magnetic separation - stone removal washing machine-stone removal washing machine-moistening - wheat beater + air separation - magnetic separation - wheat purification

The purpose of wheat cleaning is to remove all kinds of impurities mixed in raw wheat. In the wheat cleaning process of whole wheat flour production, the mature grade flour production technology can be used, such as screening and air selection, wheat threshing and washing, stone removal and magnetic separation. However, as in the whole wheat flour production process, the whole wheat is crushed into flour without removing the bran, the wet cleaning process of wheat should be used in the wheat cleaning process, that is, to further wash to remove the adhesives, residual pesticides and fumigants on the surface of wheat, and use a de-stone washer to remove the residual stones and mud, non-magnetic metals and wheat grains with diseases and insect pests in wheat. It is better to be wash twice by adding a stone-removing wheat washer to further clean the wheat. After washing the wheat, do as far as possible to dry the moisture and enter the wheat barn for more than 12 hours. In a word, the water content of net wheat should be low. Its purpose is to reduce the water content of whole wheat flour and inhibit the activities of various enzymes in bran and germ, so as to facilitate the storage of whole wheat flour.

2. Whole wheat flour milling technology

Net wheat -- micro powder machine -- Inspection sieve -- whole wheat flour magnetic separation -- measurement package

In grade wheat flour milling technology (not whole wheat flour), the purpose of milling is to turn the net wheat into flour that meets requirements. At present, most of the flour milling systems of all kinds of flour enterprises in China are composed of milling machines and flat sieves. The milling machines cut and extrude wheat into different sizes, and then separately grind and sieve to form flour. The flour extraction rate of wheat is 60-80%, and the rest is wheat bran and secondary powder. The purpose of the flour milling process is to separate wheat bran and endosperm to produce various grades of flour. Therefore, the whole wheat flour production process cannot use this technology, and new technology, new methods and new ideas must be used to design the whole wheat flour production process.

Because wheat bran is rich in cellulose and has strong toughness, it is not as easy to be broken into flour as wheat endosperm. If the grain size of wheat bran is too large, it will cause rough taste and poor palatability. At the same time, the nutritional components contained in wheat bran are also difficult to absorb. Therefore, the roughness of whole wheat flour should be determined according to the particle size of wheat bran broken into flour, so as to meet the requirement of good palatability of whole wheat flour. We have made a test with 6 kinds of bran powder in different fineness to make batters for comparing their palatability. The results are as follows:

Fineness Palatability
CB30 Rough
CB36 Rough
CB39 Relatively rough
CB42 Little bit rough
CB46 Taste well

Seen from the table, the roughness of whole wheat flour should be at least above CB46 (116 mesh) in order to meet the palatability requirements. Therefore, the equipment for processing whole wheat flour should have the ability to crush material into 116 or more.

3. Whole wheat flour packaging and storage

The wheat germ in whole wheat flour contains high nutritional value like vitamins and minerals; 8% of protein, 20% of fat, 64% of vitamin B1, 26% of vitamin B2 and 21% of vitamin B6 in wheat are concentrated in the germ. Most of these fats are unsaturated fatty acids, which are easy to oxidize and deteriorate, thus affecting the quality of flour; furthermore, enzymes can be activated easily after bran crushing, which will also affect the quality of flour. Therefore, whole wheat flour should be stored in a cool and dry place, with a general shelf life of 30 days, and this is shorter in summer and a slightly longer in other seasons. Whole wheat flour supplied for families should be packaged in small packages of less than 10 kg per bag.


From the above process, it can be seen that the wheat cleaning process of whole wheat flour production is basically the same as that of grade flour production, but the flour milling process is quite different. Whole wheat flour milling process is very simple, the process is short, only one process of micro-flour machine can crush wheat into whole wheat flour; while the process of grade flour milling is longer, it needs multi-channel grinder and flat screen grinding and sieving respectively, in order to produce refined flour with very little bran content.

  • In terms of economic benefits, whole wheat flour has higher nutritional value than general grade flour, and its price should be synchronized with other grains such as buckwheat and naked oat, so it has higher economic benefits.
  • In terms of social benefits, whole wheat flour production converts wheat bran from by-product to food, improves the utilization rate of Wheat Resources and saves grain. It alleviates the shortage of human rations resources and has important social significance for grain production and ecological environment in China. In short, with the improvement of people's understanding of the nutritional value of whole grain food, the development and production of whole wheat flour will continue to deepen. It will have great social and practical significance to improve the dietary nutritional level and health level of people.

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