What is the Wheat Milling Process and Equipment for Flour Production Business?

Flour is made from different grains, which include wheat, corn, rice, oats, rye, and barley. Of all these flours, the most common type is wheat flour. Wheat flour is made when the wheat grains are ground in a flour milling machine. The quality and protein content of wheat flour determine what it is used for. A very low protein content (less than 10%) is used for baking biscuits and cakes. Wheat flour with a 10-15% protein content is used for baking bread. Rusk is made from wheat flour with a protein content greater than 15%. (Read more: Maize Milling Process >>)

wheat flour milling process for wheat flour milling business
Starting Wheat Milling Business by Setting up Complete Flour Mill Plant

The increase in the population has caused an increased demand for wheat flour. This has in turn increased the need for wheat flour production, which makes setting up wheat flour mill plant a profitable venture. (Related post: Flour Mill Machine for Small Business >>)

Complete Wheat Flour Milling Process and Machines Required

The technology of converting wheat grains into flour is known wheat milling process. The process of milling wheat involves separating the endosperm from the bran and germ by professional grain processing equipment. After that, the endosperm is reduced into fine flour by flour milling equipment. There are various steps involved in wheat flour manufacturing process, they are:

wheat milling process and equipment for wheat flour production
Wheat Milling Process & Equipment

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  • Grading of the Wheat Grains

The first step in the wheat manufacturing process is grading. Immediately the grains reach the mills, they undergo different tests to check their physical and chemical properties. They are then graded based on different factors, but the most commonly used is the protein content.

  • Purifying the Wheat Grains

After the wheat grains have been graded, they are screened for unwanted particles. The grains are purified when they pass through different cleaning processes. The first piece of equipment used for cleaning the grains is a separator. The separator allows the grains to pass through metal screens of different sizes. This helps to remove stones and other objects that are bigger in size than the wheat grains. The next piece of equipment is known as the aspirator. An aspirator works like a vacuum cleaner, which sucks up all the objects lighter than the wheat. After using the aspirator, the wheat is then passed through a disk separator. Here, the wheat is moved over a couple of disks. By the time the disks are stopped, all the wheat and objects of similar weight are collected in one place, while objects lighter than the wheat are separated.

wheat purifying process and equipment

If the wheat still needs to be purified, a spiral seed separator is used. This device follows the centrifugal force principle. The grains are spun at a high speed, and since the wheat grains are oval, they gather in the centre of the machine while objects of other shapes are flung to the edges. The wheat grains can also be purified using large magnets, scourers, and electronic color sorting machines if needed.

  • Preparing the Grains for Grinding 

Once the wheat grains have been confirmed to be clean, then preparation for grinding begins. The grains are washed with warm water, and they are dried with a centrifugal pump. It is important to keep the moisture content of the grains at the optimum level. This is done by conditioning. Conditioning can be done in different ways, including cold conditioning, warm conditioning, and hot conditioning. 

  • Grinding the Wheat

The grains are then ground to get the wheat flour needed. A piece of equipment known as an entoleter is used to spin the grains against metal rollers. The rollers usually have different sizes and they move at different speeds. Around 5-6 pairs of metal rollers are needed to get the required smoothness of the flour. (Related product: Fully Automatic Flour Mill Plant Cost >>)

wheat flour milling machines at factory price

  • Processing the Flour

During the grinding process, some nutrients are lost. So, the flour is enriched with vitamins and minerals to make the flour more nutritious. In order to make the flour suitable for baking, oxidizing and bleaching agents are also added.

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Above is the main process of wheat flour milling. Sometimes, packaging process is also designed with in the flour mill factory so the wheat flour can be easily stored or for selling. To ensure that the flour meets the best standards, equipment in different process must be used. ABC machinery can provide all the equipment used from the grading process until they are packaged for sale.

Wheat Flour Milling Process in Commercial Flour Mill Plant Working Video

how to start your own production line with best business plan


Wheat Flour Mill Plant Project Established by ABC Machinery

small wheat flour milling machine for sales
Small Flour Mill Machine for Wheat Flour Production
wheat flour milling plant setup cost
Commercial Wheat Flour Milling Project Setup

10TPD Wheat Flour Mill Machine to New Zealand
30TPD Wheat Flour Mill Project Setup in Chile
60TPD Wheat Flour Milling Plant Setup in Algeria
► 160TPD Wheat Flour Milling Project in New Zealand
► 160 TPD Wheat Flour Production Plant in Argentina

ABC Machinery is dedicated to provide customers with premium quality flour mill machinery to help them to gain profits from their flour milling business and can undertake turnkey project of wheat flour mill plant. In these years, our flour milling machines has been exported to at least 60 regions, like Egypt, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Nigeria, Russia, Australia, etc. And we always give customers’ requirements on the top priority and provide the complete flour mill business plan.

  • Reliable Quality: our equipment is featured reliable quality, so it has less faults in production. And we can offer full models for wheat flour production, then you can get the complete set of wheat flour milling machines by only once purchase.
  • Fair Price: we are the manufacturer of all equipment, so the price quoted to you is generally lower than the market price of about 10%. Choosing us, you can save a lot of investements.
  • Perfect Service: we have improved services, including pre-sale to after-sales. Free training on installation, operation or maintenances are supported.


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