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10TPD Small Scale Maize Flour Machine Sent to Burundi

Advances in science and technology have enabled many resources in the past to be more effectively and fully utilized, such as corn, wheat and other grains, especially before the development of corn processing machinery, the use of corn was relatively simple. Whether it is the most basic cooking food or simply processed into maize flour, its application value is relatively low. More precisely, the value of corn has not been better developed and utilized.

setting up a maize milling factory
Setting Up a Maize Milling Factory

But with the processing equipment of corn flour mills, corn is now widely used in the world. It can not only be processed into flour, but also corn germ can be obtained through germ extraction, and then processed into corn edible oil through an oil press. It can be seen that corn mills are in demand in all walks of life. Maize flour mill processing machinery is an important product in the entire product range of ABC machinery. We have been improving and optimizing it. After technical upgrades improve equipment problems and performance enhancements, the value it brings will also increase.

Maize Flour Mill Machines Ordered by Burundi Client

Recently, a new customer in Burundi ordered a complete 10TPD maize flour mill production line from ABC Energy Machinery.He has just opened a flour mill factory and plans to buy this small-scale maize flour machine to process high-quality maize/corn flour for sale, and use this as one of his multi-field investment businesses.(Read more: Flour Milling Business in Kenya >>)  

Technical Parameters of Corn Flour Production Line

Export Place Yield Main Equipment
Burundi 10 ton per day cleaning equipment, peeling & degerming equipment, crushing machine, roller mill machine, flour sifter equipment, maize flour/grits packing machine

 According to his requirements and actual conditions, we helped him to build a complete maize flour processing plant. The main process is clean,peel,crush,roller mill,flour sifter and manual pack. If you are also interested in setting up a flour mill for your own business, please contact us for the latest price list!

inquire about the price and cost

Photo Display: Small Scale Maize Flour Machine Sent to Burundi 

commercial maize milling plant
Commercial Maize Milling Plant
Mini corn milling line
Mini Corn Milling Line

wheat milling machine price
Wheat Milling Machine Price
start flour processing industry
Start Flour Processing Industry

What Factors Will Affect the Fineness of the Finished Flour During Processing?

There are many indicators to measure the quality of corn flour. One of them is the fineness of flour. The higher the fineness, the better the taste. According to the grade, it is what we call first-class flour. The fineness is very small. During the complete processing of the flour mill machine, what factors will affect the fineness of the flour? Is it caused by the difference in equipment performance, internal structure or process? ABC Machinery will give you a detailed introduction in the next section.

  • Equipment performance

The fineness of flour produced by flour mills of different manufacturers is definitely different, so the difference in performance will lead to different fineness.

  • The structure of the equipment and the size of the roller gap   

The structure of the equipment and the size of the gap between the grinding rollers are also factors that affect the fineness of flour. The fineness of the flour will be finer when the gap is small, and the smaller the rotation speed of the grinding roller, the larger the flour particle size.

  • Processing technology

The perfection of the process will also affect the fineness of flour, such as the size of the sieve and the configuration of the powder cleaner will affect the fineness of flour.

Therefore, the fineness of the flour processed by different manufacturers and different equipment is different. When buying as an investor, especially those who just buy a single machine, you must consider the influencing factors mentioned above. If it is a production line, you can ignore it slightly, because the powder processed by the perfect production line can be adjusted according to needs.

If you are interested in our flour processing equipment or have any questions, please feel free to consult in the message form below. Our machinery is exported to Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, etc., at low cost, and our staff will provide you with professional answers and considerate service, your satisfaction will be our unremitting driving force for progress, and you are welcome to click and consult. (Read more:Starting A Small Scale Flour Milling Business>>)

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