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200-500 TPD Wheat Flour Mill

  • Production Capacity: 200-500 tons per day wheat flour milling plant
  • Main Equipment: High square plansifter, pneumatic flour mill machine, purifier, etc.
  • Construction Structure: Multi-story concrete building structure
  • Reference Investment Cost: USD700,000-USD1000,000  (The actual quotation will be based on your specific needs and specifications.)
  • Reference Project Cases: 250 tons/day wheat flour mill plant in China; 300TPD and 500TPD wheat flour milling plant project setup in China......

200-500 TPD wheat flour mill plants belong to large scale production, usually constructed with multi-story concrete building structure, and the main flour grinding machine is a fully enclosed, low-noise, low-energy pneumatic flour mill machines, and equip​ped with PLC control system. 

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The 200-500 tons/day wheat flour grinding machines unit is suitable for investors who want to start large-scale flour processing factory business, the whole set of equipment is advanced, and the mill process design is perfect. The PLC control system can realize the automatic control of the milling process and strictly guarantee the quality of flour.

ABC Machinery is a reliable manufacturer of flour milling equipment, integrating scientific research, manufacture and trade, and has long been committed to the research and development and application of new technology for flour milling machinery. We have enough strength to provide you with full process services to help turn your investment vision into a realistic and profitable flour mill business. Contact us without hesitation for more details! 

Wheat Flour Mill Machine Composition

The 200-500ton/d wheat flour mill machine is a kind of multistory type flour mill plant. It consists of high square plansifter, pneumatic flour mill machine, purifier, etc. to realize advanced flour milling technology. It usually needs 4-6 storeys for installing the complete wheat flour plant. The whole plant is durable to use, easy to operate and maintain, and has high productivity and flour extraction rate. Therefore this wheat flour mill plant can be used to produce different grade wheat flour as well as special flour.

  1. Cleaning part: This 150-300ton/d wheat flour mill plant adopts the cleaning technology of 3 times of sieving, 2 times of threshing, 2 times of destoning, one time sifting, 2 times of dampening, 4 times of magnetic separation, one time of wheat brushing, and one time air draft cleaning. It is composed by raw wheat cleaning process and net grain cleaning process, which fully guarantees the quality of feeding wheat, as well as the working environment.
Main equipments in wheat cleaning part:
Main equipment Number
Magnetic selectors 2 sets
High efficiency vibration sieve 1 set
Threshing machines 2 sets
Destoners 2 sets
Wheat washer 1 set
Rotary sieve classifier 2 sets

160tpd wheat flour mill machine wheat brushing part

square plansifter units wheat flour machine destoning part
  1. Flour milling part: flour milling part adopts the milling technology of 5 bran milling, 8 core milling, 2 slag milling, 2 tail milling and 5 purifying, which has high accuracy and high flour extraction rate.
The main flour mill machines for this part
Equipment name Number
FSFQ100 type pneumatic mills 14 sets
FSFG6*24 plansifters 6 sets
FQFD49*2*3 purifiers 4 sets
FPDW45*2 bran brusher machines 3 sets
Wheat flour mill machine technical data
Capacity  150TPD, 180TPD, 200TPD, 250TPD, and 300TPD
Flour extraction rate  68-75%
Flour grades  1st grade, 2nd grade and special flour
Quality standard  GB1355
Power  About 1000kw
Workshop requirements  60m*7.5m*24.5m (5 storeys)

What are the features of this wheat flour mill plant?

  1. The roller mills are precisely manufactured and controlled by pneumatic mode, which makes better milling effect compared to ordinary mills.
  2. The whole set wheat flour mill machine adopts configuration modes for different choices.
  3. This series flour mill plant applies advanced technical process with flexible adjustment.
  4. We offer onsite installation and commissioning for customers and overall after-sales service.

This is a 250ton/d wheat flour mill we built for our customer. You can click the picture to see details.
250ton/d flour milling plant

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