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Cassava Starch Production Plant

Wide Use of Cassava Starch

cassava starch production
Start Your Own Cassava Starch Processing Business

Cassava starch is mainly used as raw materials in food, sugar, medicine, feed, textile, papermaking, chemical and other industrial sectors. The cassava starch production process is the physical separation process: the starch is separated from the cellulose, proteins, inorganic and other substances in the cassava. In the process of cassava starch processing, starch is separated from water suspension by water and special machinery according to the property that starch is insoluble in cold water and its specific gravity is greater than water, so as to achieve the purpose of recovering starch. (Related Post: Cost of Setting up a Flour Mill >>)

Requirements of Raw Materials for Cassava Starch Processing

The raw materials for cassava starch includes fresh cassava and cassava stem. They are the main materials for cassava start processing, so the raw materials should be of high quality, fresh. It is best to buy the cassava and immediately send to the factory at each day, and process the wood part and other mixed wood part that is no mud, no sand, no root. Cassava dry slice requirements are dry, not mold, not deterioration, no damages by worms.

dried cassava chips
Cassava (left), Dried Cassava Chips (right)

Average Composition of Fresh Cassava Values Average Composition of Tapioca Slice Values Ingredients (only for Trapica Slice) Values
Starch 27% Starch 68% sulfuric acid 2kg/t
Cellulose 4% Cellulose 8% Bleaching powder 0.5kg/t
Protein 1% Protein 3% Potassium Permanganate 0.1kg/t
Water 65% Water 13%    
Other 3% Other 8%    


Note: due to the variety of cassava, harvest time, natural conditions, and production level, the starch content of the raw material will vary.

Cassava Starch Production Machine and Process

low cost cassava starch production line
Complete Cassaca Starch ( Tapioca) Production Plant

Different flour milling process, cassava starch processing is relatively complicated. The detailed cassava starch production process and process is followed as below.

  • Raw Materials Preparation

The raw materials are the basics of the cassava starch production line and the quality of raw materials will decide the quality of final produced cassava starch. Therefore, above mentioned raw materials requirements should strictly follow.

  • Cleaning and Peeling

The fresh cassava is conveyed to the factory for cleaning and peeling. The raw material rotates and rolls along with the cylinder wall, spraying, washing, bathing, grinding, cleaning and peeling with water as the medium. The purpose is to remove all the silt and the peeling rate will up to 80%. Then, it will be transported to shatter section. Main Equipment  : Bel Conveyor, Peeling Washing Machine and Rolling Bucket Washer.

  • Shatter

This process is to destroy the structure of cassava, which allows the tiny starch particles to break up and separate from the roots. Main Equipment: Hammer Crusher, Knife-type Crusher.

  • Plasm and Dregs Separating

The purpose of separation is to separate insoluble proteins and residual soluble proteins and other impurities from starch whey, so as to achieve the purpose of washing, refining and concentration of starch milk. Main Equipment: Vertical Type Centrifugal Screen and Pressure Sieve; If need extrude starch residue, add Starch Residue Extruder

  • Desanding

According to the principle of specific gravity separation, the starch whey is pumped into the whirlpool by pressure pump, the bottom flow is removed from the sand, and the top flow through the pulp to achieve the purpose of sand removal. Dessander is use to complete this process.

  • Purification

This process usaully adopts Concentration, Purified Hydrocyclone Assembly to complete it.

  • Vacuum Dehydration

After the separation and purification process, the concentrated whey still contains a lot of water, so it must be dehydrated to facilitate drying. The equipment is Vacuum Dehydrator.

  • Drying

By drying, the water content of starch product is about 13.5%. The equipment is Air Stream Dryer.

  • Starch Packing and Stock for Sale

The produced starch should packed directly and timely stored for sale. Automatic packaging machine is widely used in this section.


Top 10 Cassava Production Countries

TOP cassava production Countries
World Cassava Production Market

Rank Country Capacity Rank Country Capacity
No.1 Nigeria 47,406,770 tons No.6 Ghana 15,989,940 tons
No.2 Thailand 30,227,542 tons No.7 Democratic Republic of the Congo 14,611,911 tons
No.3 Indonesia 23,936,920 tons No.8 Viet Nam 9,757,681 tons
No.4 Brazil 21,484,218 tons No.9 Cambodia 7,572,344 tons
No.5 Angola 16,411,674 tons No.10 India 7,236,600 tons

Nigerian cassava processing customer visits
Nigerian Cassava Production Factory - Customer Visits

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Video: Cassava Starch Production Factory Layout Design


View the video below to have a look at the equipment layout of complete cassava starch production factory. If you are interested to get more about cassava processing, manufacturing cassava starch or want to know more about machinery price and project cost details, welcome to contact us!



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