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100TPD Soybean Protein Isolate Plant Project Built in Uzbekistan

  • Project Location: Uzbekistan
  • Capacity: 100 tons per day
  • Raw Materia: Soybean foil
  • Main Equipment: Beans Peeling Equipment,solvent extraction equipment,soybean protein isolate equipment

Recently, a new customer in Uzbekistan ordered a complete 100TPD soy protein isolate production line from ABC Energy Machinery. He just opened a processing plant and plans to purchase soy protein isolate equipment to process high-quality protein powder for sale as his investment business.

Photo Display: 100TPD Soybean Protein Isolate Production Line Built in Uzbekistan

soybean pretreatment technology
Soybean Pretreatment Technology
soybean pretreatment plant
Soybean Pretreatment Plant
low temperature soybean meal extraction technology
Low Temperature Soybean Meal Extraction Technology
soybean protein isolates production plant
Soybean Protein Isolates Production Plant

If you are interested in our soy protein isolate processing equipment or have any questions, please feel free to contact our sales staff for consultation. Our machines are exported to India, Kazakhstan, Tadzhikistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and other countries at the most favorable price. Please click the button below to get a free quote.

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Brief Introduction of Soy Protein Isolate Equipment Technology

Soy protein isolate is a whole protein food additive produced from low-temperature desiliconized soybean meal.Soy protein isolate is obtained from the low temperature after extracting soybean oil. The current process is to first cool the soybeans and then crush them, extract the soybean protein product after acid precipitation, neutralization, homogenization, centrifugal separation, and drying.(Related post:Soybean Protein Isolate Benefits And Production Technology>>)

Technical characteristics of soy protein isolate equipment

  • The process technology integrates mechanical desolvation, negative pressure evaporation and dry desolvation

The process technology reduces the load of the subsequent desolvation process, shortens the desolvation time, and reduces solvent consumption and thermal deformation. This technology integrates desolventizing and drying, convenient production, easy to control technical indicators, significant energy saving effect, and reliable product quality.

  • High efficiency cleaning system

Aiming at the characteristics of high viscosity and easy fouling, the equipment cleaning system is designed to realize clean production. At the same time, the dynamic integration of each section can produce high-quality soybean protein concentrate, with high product yield and low production cost.

  • Can be automatically controlled

In the production process of soy protein isolate, there are many parameters that need to be controlled, and various factors influence each other. If a parameter is not properly controlled, it will affect the quality of the product and increase the consumption to stabilize the quality of the product and reduce the consumption.This technology can realize automatic adjustment of various parameters, stable product quality, and reduce various consumption.

Comprehensive Application of Soybean Protein Isolate in Processed Meat Products

Soy protein isolate is a complete protein, which is widely used in meat products. The application of soy protein isolate in meat products can significantly improve the quality of processed meat products.

soybean protein isolate application

Soybean Protein Isolate Application

  • The role of nutritional fortification.

Soy protein is a high-quality plant protein with high protein content and high digestibility. It is known as the only complete protein comparable to animal protein. Adding soy protein isolate to processed meat products can increase the protein content of the products, improve the protein ratio, and make the nutrition of the protein in the products more reasonable and comprehensive.

  •  Improve the water holding capacity of meat products.

Studies have shown that soy protein isolate has the ability to adsorb water, that is, water holding capacity. It can play a role in retaining moisture during the processing of meat products, so that the processed meat products can retain their juices to have a good taste.

  • Increase the emulsification of meat products.

Soy protein has emulsifying properties and can evenly mix water and oil together to form a stable emulsion. It can be used in processed meat products to prevent the extravasation of oil wax.

  •  Improve the structure of processed meat products.

Soy protein has excellent gel and viscosity. The addition of soy separated eggs in the processing of meat products can improve the structure of meat products, make the product structure compact, increase the hardness and elasticity of the product, and have a better taste and stronger meaty feeling.

At present, in addition to being used as a meat product additive, soy protein powder has been added as a nutrient to any food you can imagine. The segmentation of the market can also bring higher benefits to investors. From the perspective of development trends, soybean protein processing will be the most potential and promising field in the deep processing of soybeans.

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