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60TPD Wheat Flour Manufacturing Plant Exported To Ethiopia

Wheat is a food crop that is widely grown all over the world. Throughout the world, they are often ground into flour or processed into food for human consumption, especially in northern China and Europe and the United States, where wheat flour is an important source of carbohydrates. The wheat flour machine is a kind of technology specialized in the production and processing of wheat flour machinery and equipment, this type of machinery and equipment has long been used by many manufacturers.

Wheat Flour Mill Supplier
Wheat Flour Mill Supplier

As an enterprise specializing in the production of wheat flour machines, ABC Machinery focuses on improving the quality of the machine equipment and improving the production process when applying the wheat flour milling equipment, making the actual operation of the wheat flour machine easier, and the quality of the flour being produced and processed is very good. High, so it is welcomed by investors and manufacturers.

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60TPD Wheat Flour Manufacturing Plant to Ethiopia

Recently, our client from Ethiopia ordered a 60TPD wheat flour production line to produce wheat flour.Due to the market demand for wheat flour in Ethiopia is very large. Under this background, our customers plan to build a 60T wheat flour manufacturing plant first, and then consider expanding production later.The main equipment of the wheat flour manufacturing plant includes a combined cleaning sieve, wheat washing machine, wheat scourer,  rotary sieve classifier, roller mill,square plansifter,bran brusher machine and auto packer.

60TPD Wheat Flour Plant Price
60TPD Wheat Flour Plant Price

Wheat Flour Production Technology

The wheat flour processing plant consists of various equipment. In the wheat flour production process, a series of processes will be used to produce better quality flour. So, how does wheat make flour? ABC Machinery will introduce you the wheat flour manufacturing process in detail.

The Complete Process of Making Wheat Flour
The Complete Process of Making Wheat Flour

  • Screening, wheat harvesting and stone removal process

Mainly to clean up the stalks, stones, damaged wheat and other impurities that affect the quality of flour production.    

  • Washing wheat process

In the production and processing of wheat flour, after the wheat is cleaned, it is necessary to use a wheat washing machine to wash the wheat, so that the water content of the wheat can reach a certain level, which can improve the toughness of the wheat husk and reduce the mechanical strength of the wheat endosperm. The hulls should not be crushed so as to affect the quality of flour production.

  • Grinding and screening process

The process of wheat grinding and sieving is generally equipped with four systems: skin grinding, heart grinding, slag grinding and powder cleaning. Except for cleaning powder, each system is composed of several grinding and screening equipment. Among the four systems of wheat flour processing, the powder road that only uses the skin milling system and the heart milling system is called the short powder road. Its unit equipment has a large flow rate, low power consumption and low cost, but the quality of flour is poor, and it is mostly used. Used by small and medium-sized flour mills.

The above are the most common production processes of wheat flour. If you are interested in wheat flour milling or want to build your own wheat flour processing plant, do not hesitate to contact us, we will give you guidance from a professional perspective.

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Wheat Flour Manufacturing Machine Video

How to Extend The Industrial Chain of Wheat Flour Machine

If you want to broaden the industrial chain of wheat flour machines, in addition to understanding the manufacturing process of the equipment to produce wheat flour, the wheat flour processing industry can also increase its share in the food industry, especially the concept of fine eating of coarse grains. It is to allow the production and processing value of the wheat flour machine to be recognized.

Wheat is Made Into Wheat Bread
Wheat is Made Into Wheat Bread

The nutrient content of the wheat produced by the wheat flour machine is better than that of rice, potato, etc. With the development of the flour machine, the edible quality of wheat is continuously improved, thus forming a variety of wheat foods. The following table shows several wheat processed foods with better market benefits:

Processed products made from wheat flour machine
Puffed food The instant noodle puffed food produced by the processing of wheat flour is a convenient food that has quickly become popular since its inception, which has improved the nutritional value and food digestibility.
Specially processed flour and germ The special flour processed by the flour machine can improve the eating quality, with a finer particle size, rich in protein and more vitamins.
Wheat beer Because wheat has high protein content, starch content is close to rice but higher than barley, it is an ideal raw material for beer production.

The types of products processed by the wheat flour machine have reached dozens of products, and the fineness of the products has been continuously improved, and the market for agricultural machinery and equipment is also very strong, so investing in the wheat flour machine is an ideal project for you to become rich. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us!

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