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10-20TPD Maize Flour Mill

  • Production Capacity: 10-20 tons per day maize flour milling plant
  • Main Equipment: Automatic maize mill machine, Combination cleaner, Crusher, Round sieve, packing machine
  • Construction Structure: Floor-standing maize flour milling unit structure
  • Reference Investment Cost: USD16,000-USD30,000 (The actual quotation will be based on your specific needs and specifications.)
  • Reference Project Cases: 4*25Ton Silo & 20Ton Maize Milling Plant Project In Mozambique10TPD Small Maize Flour Machine Sent To Burundi; 10T/D maize flour mill plant project in Kenya......

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Our state-of-the-art small-scale maize processing mill plant, is driven by dual milling machines, ensuring enhanced quality and yield of maize flour. Our machine's meticulously designed process and structure cater to the rising demand for corn products. From thorough cleaning, meticulous peeling, efficient crushing, precise milling to seamless packaging, our system is ideal for budding entrepreneurs or small-scale processors seeking to make a cost-effective investment in the flour-making industry.

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Maize flour milling business presents great business opportunities to entrepreneurs all over the world. It is largely consumed in countries like the United States, then in China, Brazil, and many African countries. With the growing population and more demand for the food, maize flour and grits milling business has a great scope in urban and rural areas. If you are interested in taking full benefit of maize processing industry then you can start your own business with any of these two approaches:

  • The first is to start a flour mill business in which people will bring their grains and you will provide them flour.
  • The second is to set up a maize processing plant where you will buy maize at cheap price and convert it into maize flour and grits, and then sell it in the market.

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Buy Maize Milling Machine Plant at Wholesale Cost

Maize/Corn processing plant is composed by cleaning equipment, peeling & degerming equipment, maize flour or maize grit making equipment, maize flour/grits packing machine, and etc. ABC Machinery is a leading flour milling machinery supplier and offers all scales flour milling machine for wheat and maize processing. In addition, we boast strong capacity to offer turnkey project service. (Read more: Flour Mill Setup Cost >>)

Maize Milling Machine Plant Supplier
Maize Milling Machine Plant Supplier

If you are interested in starting maize flour/grit milling business and have no ideas how to select the BEST equipment, just massage your specific requirements, we will quickly offer the customized plan for you!

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10-20 Small Scale Maize Flour/Grits Mill Plant

The small scale maize milling machine we supplied includes 10TPD, 15TPD, 20TPD. It adopts advanced peeling and degerming technology that can extract pure endosperm. By the grinding of maize milling machine, and the grading of bolting equipment, this unit can make high quality maize (corn) grits and maize flour. The whole unit adopts pneumatic conveying to save labor and intensity. Its compact structure and small size make it easy to install and handle. (Latest project: 20TPD Maize Milling Plant Project in Mozambique >>)

maize flour processing machine cost in uganda
10TPD Maize/Corn Flour Milling Plant for Sale
20TPD Maize Flour Mill Machinery price in kenya
20TPD Maize Flour Mill Machinery for Sale

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Complete Maize Milling Plant Project Installation and Commissioning

Setup 10-20TPD maize milling plant – factory price maize flour milling machine for commercial business: buy maize mill machine from flour mill plant machinery manufacturer or supplier at factory price, get FREE technical instruction of maize flour milling process and business plan to set up commercial maize milling project in Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, etc., at low cost.

Technological Process of Maize Miling Plant

Under the power of high pressure fan, maize is conveyed into the combined sieving and stoning machine, where both big and small impurities and stones are eliminated. Then maize is fed into the peeling machine for removing clod, dust or other impurities. After that, the maize enters crusher and is grinded into big particles to prepare for making flour. (Read more: Wheat Milling Technology >>)

Maize Flour Production Process
Maize Flour Production Process

After crushing, maize particles are elevated and fed into the stock bin of maize flour milling machine. Then they are blown into the maize milling machine. After grinding, maize flour is sifted: those under the sieve will be packed, while those above the sieve will go back to the stock bin for second time grinding. This is the maize/corn flour manufacturing process in a complete flour mill plant.

Maize Flour Business Opportunity in Africa

Africa is the second-largest continent in the world and also has a large population. Maize flour is consumed as a staple food in many African countries (Uganda, Malawi, Kenya, Nigeria, etc.) due to which it has a high demand in Africa. Corn grit is also used in the production of processed foods, cereals, snacks, beverages, bakery blends, bread, etc. because of the large consumption of maize flour and grit, their government has also announced to offer loans to maize crop growers so that they can promote its production. (Read more: Maize Milling Business in Uganda >>)

Sstart Maize Flour Milling Plant business in Africa
Sstart Maize Flour Milling Plant in Africa

Tips on Establishing Maize Flour Milling Business/Plant in Africa

If you are planning to invest in this business in Africa or any other country then make sure that you first design a proper business plan including suitable strategies so that you do not face any failure in it. Maize flour milling machines will also play their role in determining the success of this business. So, make sure you know what makes a maize flour milling machine worth buying and what you should avoid in it.

Maize flour is also used to make traditional food in many African countries due to which it sells there a lot. All these facts prove that starting this business in Africa can bring lots of success to anyone who invests in this business the right way. Demand for maize flour and grit is expected to rise by many folds in the coming years due to which this business has become a great chance for entrepreneurs to invest in it today and earn a lot of revenue tomorrow.

TOP 6 Main Maize/Corn Production Countries in Africa

No. Country Production
1 South Africa 14,000,000 MT
2 Nigeria 11,000,000 MT
3 Ethiopia 8,600,000 MT
4 Egypt 6,400,000 MT
5 Tanzania 6,000,000 MT
6 Kenya 3,400,000 MT

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