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Cassava Flour Milling Process Steps Guide

The cassava is a rather popular crop in African and some South American countries. Cassava flour is no different. It is loaded with a very high percentage of carbohydrates. Given that it's rather common in some countries for example Nigeria and Brazil, the product offers a range of indigenous recipes that have been around for quite a while. The cassava flour milling process is rather simple and for the longest time had been done by hand, or rather through traditional means.

how to produce cassava flour in nigeria
Starting A Profitable Cassava Flour Processing Business

So how to make cassava flour under modern industrial conditions? With modern technological advancements however, the cassava flour processing technology has been mechanized. The process may vary depending on where the milling is done; the following cassava flour production process is a generalized description.

This article will introduce the general process flow of cassava flour processing, briefly explain the required cassava flour milling machines

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How to Make Cassava Flour from Scratch: A Step-by-Step Guide

The cassava flour milling process varies according to customized requirements. Generally, cassava flour processing is mainly divided into these steps: raw material cleaning and peeling, cassava crushing and grinding, cassava paste dehydration and drying, screening and packaging.

Cassava (Tapioca) flour milling machines used in this process are: dry sieve, paddle washer, cutter, file mill, plate and frame filter press, air dryer, vibrating screen, packaging machine and other auxiliary equipment. 

how to process cassava into flour
Cassava Flour Production Process Flow Chart

1. Cleaning and Peeling Steps - Ensuring Freshness and Health

The cassava roots are harvested, chopping off the woody part of it. The roots cannot be stored for more than two days to avoid interfering with the next step. 

Traditionally, the roots are hand peeled leaving the relatively softer part of the root for further processing. Removing the outer peel helps avoid complications in other stages later on. After peeling off the cover skin, the roots can now be washed to remove any dirt. They are then immersed in water taken out for the next step.

The fresh cassava raw material first passes through a dry sieve to sieve out the soil and mixed small stones on the cassava raw material. Then through the belt conveyor, cassava raw materials are transported to the paddle cleaning machine for further cleaning. 

2. Crushing and Grinding Steps - Getting Cassava Pulp

Grinding is an extremely important step in the tapioca making process, which is related to the quality of the final cassava root flour. After washing, the cassava is cut into pieces by cutting machine, which is favorable for cassava grinding/rasper machine to fully grind the broken pieces of cassava and get the cassava slurry.

3. Dehydration and Drying Process - Ensuring 13.5% Moisture Content

Dewatering of cassava pulp should use plate and frame filter press, which can dewater the cassava pulp to wet cassava flour with moisture content of about 40%.
The wet cassava flour after dewatering should be dried by air dryer(pneumatic drier)to get the finished product. The steam pressure should be controlled at 0.8 Mpa. By drying, the moisture content of the finished cassava flour is about 13.5%.

4. Sieving and Packing of Cassava Flour

After drying, the cassava flour is sifted through vibrating screen to meet the needs of different quality, and the sifted cassava flour is conveyed to cassava flour packing machine for packing into bags.

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  • The paddle washing machinery designed by ABC Machinery also has the function of peeling, customers do not need to buy additional cassava peeling machine. And it adopts the principle of countercurrent washing, which has good cleaning effect.
  • ABC Machinery’s cassava grinding/rasper machine can realize two-way filing and adopts Swedish SKF bearing and German European special belt.
  • ABC Machinery's air dryer adopts negative pressure drying system, which can realize fast drying and effectively control the loss of cassava flour dust.

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 [Note] Understanding the Process Requirements of Cassava Flour Production

  • Ensure the freshness of cassava raw materials to ensure the quality of finished cassava flour.
  • Peeling should be clean, because cyanide toxin is mainly concentrated in the cassava skin layer.
  • During the drying process, all kinds of flammable sources should be controlled and eliminated, such as smoking, welding, static sparks and so on, in order to prevent dust explosion and ensure production safety.

The Golden Opportunity: Advantages of Starting a Cassava Flour Processing Plant in Nigeria

Starting a cassava flour processing plant in Nigeria is a lucrative food business that can capitalize on the country's agricultural resources and meet the growing demand for cassava products.

  • Abundant raw materials provide a stable supply chain for your factory.
  • Nigeria is one of the largest producers of cassava in the world, providing readily available and affordable raw materials for cassava flour production.
  • Government support to help develop cassava processing industry in Nigeria.
  • The Government of Nigeria has implemented various policies and initiatives, including incentives, subsidies and the provision of financing or grants to eligible enterprises.
  • Investment in modern cassava flour milling machines optimizes production processes.
  • As technology advances, modern cassava flour processing equipment and techniques become more efficient, shortening processing times and improving product quality. 
how to make cassava flour in nigeria
Nigerian Cassava Flour Food-Eba/Lafun, White Amala (Cassava Flour Fufu)

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