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100-200TPD Maize Flour Mill

The 100–200 TPD corn flour processing plant is a dry-milling process,which maily consists of a maize cleaning section,a maize milling section and flour packing section.

  • Production Capacity: 100-200 tons per day maize flour milling plant
  • Main Equipment: Corn peeling machine, maize degerming machine, maize milling machine, high square sieve… 
  • Construction Structure: Steel frame structure design
  • Reference Investment Cost: USD100,000-USD250,000 (The actual quotation will be based on your specific needs and specifications.)
  • Reference Project Cases: 100 TPD maize flour mill project at Zimbabwe......

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The 100-200TPD large-scale maize milling plant has complete process design, compact equipment structure and reliable operation, and has been well received by many customers. There are many types of finished products, including grade maize grits, grade maize flour, and feed, which are suitable for many related industries and can meet the requirements of different investors.
ABC Machinery has been focusing on the manufacture and trade of maize four production and processing equipment for 25+ years, with profound industry experience, and our product sales cover half of the countries in the world. We provide customers with one-stop service experience from process design to equipment manufacturing to project installation and commissioning.
If you plan to setup a large maize flour mill plant, please contact us for a professional consultation as soon as possible.

100-200 TPD Maize Flour Mill Plant

The 100-200tpd corn mill machine is multi-storey type, which has good appearance and easy to operate and maintain. This series include 100TPD, 120TPD, 150TPD, 200TPD and even larger capacity.

This set of corn milling machine applies all dry processing technology to manufacture corn niblet, grit and flour in different grain size. The 100-200ton/d corn mill machine plant has high productivity but low energy consumption. It can achieve the cleaning, peeling, degerming, crushing, grinding and flour milling.

The dry processing of corn can reach 95% peel and germ threshing rate. Therefore, it can produce purified corn flour (maize flour with fineness of 120mesh), different sizes of corn grits, corn germ, etc.

Main parts: cleaning part, peeling & degerming part, flour milling part.

100tpd corn mill machine

100TPD Maize Mill Machine

200tpd corn grit mill machine
200TPD Corn Grit Mill Machine

Features of Corn Mill Machine 100-200TPD

  • It realizes systematic processing that decreases production time but increases efficiency.
  • Advanced technology, rational design and structure.
  • The whole plant adopts high quality equipments like corn grinding machines.
  • The automatic or semi-automatic control can help you save labor and labor cost.
  • This series corn mill machine requires low investment. It also saves energy, so that your production cost is greatly saved.

maize flour mill machine manufacturer
Large Maize Flour Processing Machines Manufacturing Factory

ABC Machinery is a professional grain,feed oil machinery company providing project design, production, installation and commissioning service. What we mainly engage in are 10-500 tons of flour (wheat flour, corn flour, rice flour, chili powder) procession machinery, project design, equipment manufacture, installation, accessories supply, after-sale maintenance and technology consulting, personnel training and other train services, to ensure customer satisfaction.

If you have large quantity of corn (maize) as raw material and want to set up corn mill machine plant, just feel free to contact us. We will make turnkey project in accordance with your own requirements.

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