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160TPD Wheat Flour Mill Plant In New Zealand

This wheat flour plant in New Zealand consists of 160TPH wheat flour mill machine, 250T*4 wheat silo, 7 flour & bran tanks, steel frame workshop, automatic packing machine and PLC control system.

Wheat flour plant technology

In this plant, the most advanced Pneumatic Roller Mills are assembled, as raw grain is imported clean Australia wheat, when design, client asked us to focus on Milling Section instead of Cleaning Section. New Zealand government has strict rules about Steel Frame workshop, only high standard welding work is accepted, they do test before granting business license.

The client is quite satisfied with our wheat flour machines quality and also professional engineering team, as well as the thoughtful and in-time after sales service.

250T*4 wheat silos:
Their purpose is to make sure stable feeding for the flour mill machines. The wheat silos are custom designed (turn-key made).

  • Galvanized steel plate, rust-proof
  • Good waterproof and air-proof
  • Efficient temperature control system
  • Conveniently & quickly for assembly
  • Steel structure support, brief and beautiful
  • Efficient with wheat system, meet the needs for different flour
  • In accordance with the requirements of the New Zealand and Australia ladder and rail.
Wheat silo and whole flour plant show
flour mill plant New Zealand

Raw material: Australian wheat
australia wheat

160T wheat flour mill
The flour mill is a fully automatic system, including temper bins, second cleaning machines, wheat washing &dampening machines, flow weighting, milling and sieving sections, to make sure our customer to produce TOP Grade flour for his local market.
This flour mill has below characters:
  • Custom-made flow process
  • High efficient and energy saving flour mills, with frequency control and automatic feeding system
  • Cable and all electronics conform to the requirements of the Australian and New Zealand standard, all electrical appliances meet IP54 requirement, isolation switch.
  • Specially suitable for durum
  • Advanced PLC control system, including AB components, voice alarming motor-misfunction system to report the exact motor name and circuit in cabinet, intelligent statistical production situation for each shift.
high square plansifter

High square plansifter

Pneumatic roller mills

Pneumatic roller mills

wheat flour plant purifier


wheat threshing PLC control

Wheat threshing PLC control

air-suction pipeline

Air-suction pipeline

Electric screen

wheat flour New Zealand

flour tank

Flour Tank

Wheat flour in bags and manipulator

Wheat flour in bags and manipulator

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