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30 TPD Wheat Flour Mill Plant Project in Chile

This 30ton/d wheat flour mill line is in Chile. This project has been finished in July, 2014.

This wheat flour mill project include 6 sets of 6F2240/2235 flour milling machine, 2 sets of FSFG88 plansifter with two nest of sieve, the sifting surface is14.71sq.m., the roll total length of 220cm.

The cleaning section of flour mill project adopts twice screening, twice surface, twice stoner, once tempering, twice magnetic separation cleaning technology, and according to the air piping system design requirement, it divides into wheat transport and dedusting, the process design meets requirement of processing fine wheat flour.

What technology does this wheat flour mill project adopt?

It adopts screen outside classification, twice middling extraction to composed of 3B3M processing technology, the process fully consider the effect of wheat bran& graded flour separation to ensure the integrity of bran, the best result of increase purity of core and improve quality of graded flour., and ensure produce more flour and good flour.

30ptd wheat flour mill project in chile
Making a installation plan and inform it to local workers.
making flour mill installation plan

Building up the steel structure
building up flour mill steel structure

Place the machine on the steel structure one by one
place wheat flour machine on steel structure

Construct a cement tempering silo
construct cement tempering silo

6F2240 flour milling machines
6F2240 flour milling machines

Output wheat flour
output wheat flour

Auto packing machine can pack flour into bags
wheat flour in bags
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