Keys for Maize Flour Milling Business

Maize is an important food and fodder crop, and it is also the crop with the highest total yield in the world, including United States, China, Brazil, India, Argentina, Ukraine, Mexico, Indonesia, France, South Africa, etc. Maize can be processed into flour by professional flour milling machinery and then can be used to make as staple food. For example, maize meal, also called corn meal, is used in many dishes around the world, and its demand is gradually increasing. (You may also like: Grain Mill Factory >>)

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Invest on Maize Flour Milling Business

Therefore, flour mill business for maize has huge potential. For maize farmers and businessmen, either small or large, it is very critical to increase productivity and save labor costs by buying cost-effective and high-quality maize milling equipment, and choosing scientific and efficient maize milling process. So, look for a reliable flour mill manufacturer to buy good maize flour milling machine for maize processing business. Let's learn more about the key factors about buying the right equipment at reasonable price for your business!

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Small Scale Flour Processing Machine for Maize Milling Business - 6F Series

Before investing, you should have a good understanding about maize processing industry. After that, the key of success for your maize processing factory is to chose the right equiopment. Maize flour milling machine designed by ABC Machinery has many types and models that can suit different maize milling business plan. However, for most investors or businessmen, a small scale maize flour mill would be a great starter since it requires less investment cost and can be a great trial and error. Here, we highly recommend our 6F series flour mill machine, which is a kind of one-side inclining small scale flour mill. It is usually used for small and medium maize flour production lines of 5tpd~80TPD. (Related project: 20TPD Maize Milling Plant Setup in Mozambique >>)

10~30tpd small maize flour milling machine for sales
6F Series Maize Flour Milling Machine Complete Set for Sales (10~30TPD)

This type of maize milling machine is a small complete set of equipment which can produce continuously. It is the epitome of the big unit. The rolling bearing with low friction, low energy consumption, and high efficiency is adopted in this machine. And the machine has a compact structure, nice appearance, and is easy to operate, which makes it fit for single-use or used in a joint flour processing unit. 

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How Much to Buy a Small Scale Flour Mill for Maize Milling

For most customers, they may care more about the price. Basically, our equipment are not the cheapest one in the market. But compared at the same level of quality, our maize flour milling machine price is definitely the most preferential. The smallest complete set of maize flour mill plant will cost at least $8,500 around. However, this price is just for reference. For exact price quotation, just contact us any time!


6F Series Maize Flour Milling Machine Features

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Setup Commercial Flour Mill Plant for Maize Flour Production

  • If there are two sets of mills, it will produce continuously and process the maize 10 tons within 24 hours (One-hour processing capacity is about 400kg).
  • The flour can be adjusted according to the market’s requirement, F1 flour, F2 flour, and standard flour can be produced.
  • The covering area is small.
  • Power consumption is lower than the state standard, the total power is 26.5KW.

inquire about the price and cost

How to Ensure Maize Flour Milling Machine for Efficient Production Before Buying?

How to test and ensure the quality of production requirements for the maize flour milling machine? This is a questions that may bother customers a lot when they are looking for the maize processing equipment. Actually, for maize milling business or maize flour factory, the quality of the maize processing equipment itself will also have an impact on its production quality, and there are many factors that affect the quality of the equipment. Belows are tips helping you to check the quality of the maize milling machines for your business before buying. 

  • Check the quality of the core accessories of maize processing machine. The quality of the core parts of the equipment determines the quality of the whole equipment, such as the choice of equipment motor, the quality of the motor is good or bad, determine whether the machine can run normally, as well as the running state of how the problem.
  • Check the processing and manufacturing process. For example, the welding process, design principles, processing processes, etc., these are directly related to the quality of the flour machine, welding quality is not good, it will be easy to cause open welding, in this case the equipment can not be normal operation.
  • Check the quality of processed maize products, like maize flour, maize grits, maize meal, etc. If processed out of high quality products, but also to meet the processing needs of manufacturers, so to be called good equipment.

Maize processing machines are mainly for corn/maize and other mixed grains to complete the operation of cleaning, embryo removal, peeling, taking grits, etc., easy to operate, reliable performance, green and environmentally friendly, can be a machine for multiple uses.