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Scaling Down, Scaling Up: Small-Scale Flour Mill Machinery

Almost everything these days are available in instant form that is easier to consume and to keep for a long time. This also makes flour industry very profitable and valuable to make an investment into. Talking about flour industry, the main equipment of any flour industry that there has to be in every warehouse is flour mill machine. Investing in one machine could be painful, that's why we have to consider the investment in one machine based on many factors like our human resource, the demand, and your budget.

The general information of small-scale flour mill machinery

  • Milling system: The milling system in small scale flour mill machine has combined each step of every process in one machine including roller mill, plan-sifter, purifier, impact detacher, and even the cleaning step.
  • All-purpose usage: This small scale flour mill machine can be used for corn and wheat miller production line in order to make flour with the particle size in such a short time.
  • Capacity: In general, this small scale flour mill machine is expected to produce 10-30 tons per day or within 24 hours. With this number of capacity in flour industry, it's considered as large scale.
  • Production capacity: The production capacity for small-scale flour mill machine is between 72-85%. This percentage likely shows how you can improve your productivity.
  • Nutrient content: The big difference between low-quality flour mill machine and high-quality flour mill machine is the ability to remain nutrient content of the input in output.
small scale flour mill machinery

The advantages of small-scale flour mill machinery

  1. One Controller: In order to run this small scale flour mill machine, you only need one well-trained person to control the machine. This person will be responsible to run automatic feeding system and automatic sifting flour. All you have to invest in human resource is the training program for few persons, just in case one cannot function, but that is it. By doing this, you can save the human resource, time, and most importantly money.

  2. Large Scale Capacity: Even though this machine is called small scale flour mill machinery, but its capacity scale is quite high. It basically means if you keep the machine working for 24 hours straight, your productivity will equal to the large factory with less investment in machinery.

  3. Safety: Besides effective production and valuable outcome, safety is another thing this small scale flour mill machine can give you. In the past, you might have to risk putting your hand inputting corns in the machine yourself from one process machine to another processing machine all day. But now, all you have to do is hire one person and train that person well to press the right bottom and make sure the machine works perfectly and to control the products to be delivered on time.

  4. Convenience: In the past, after you bought one machine that usually came with the manual and that was it, you had to spend days to learn about the machine itself and more days to train some people to use it in the right way. But now, the convenience has been given to you right after the second you buy it at the shop. When you buy the machine, it usually comes in the package of installation, testing, and training program for all.

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