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10TPD Wheat Flour Mill Plant to New Zealand

wheat flour mill plant at low cost

For wheat farmers, either small or large, and businessman, buying a cost effective and high quality wheat milling equipment would be very critical to increase the productivity and save the labor cost. Therefore, finding a finding a reliable wheat processing machine manufacturer is super important due to long-term production. If you are now looking for flour milling machine and don’t know where and how to find out the real flour milling machinery manufacturer, just check below case: 10TPD Wheat Flour Mill Plant Exported to New Zealand.

10TPD Wheat Flour Milling Plant to New Zealand

A complete wheat flour mill plant was ordered by our New Zealand client who is a large scale wheat farmers and used to have a stone grinding. But, in order to expand the production of wheat flour and save the investment cost, he chose to buy a 10 tons per day flour milling machine for wheat flour production. (You also like: How Much Does a Flour Mill Cost?)

10tpd wheat flour milling plant for sales
10TPD Small Wheat Flour Mill Plant
10tpd wheat flour milling machines
Small Wheat Flour Milling Machines


10T/D Flour Milling Machinery for Wheat Flour

  • Capacity: 10 tons per day
  • Raw Material: Wheat
  • Main Flour Milling Equipment: Cleaning Machine, Tempering Machine, Flour Grinding Machine, Screens, Electronic Scale and Manual Bag Packaging Machine.
  • Main Flour Manufacturing Process: Cleaning, Tempering, Grinding, Screening and Packaging.

10T/D Wheat Flour Mill Plant Working Process


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Differences of Small Wheat Flour Mill Plant between 10TPD and 20TPD

  • Equipment Quantity and Production Process

For small scale wheat flour milling machine, they are different in capacity, equipment design and production process. 10TPD Wheat Flour Milling Plant has two sests of flour grinding machines (one is for wheat bran grinding and one is for wheat heart grinding), therefore, to completely clean the endosperm on the bran, there material needs go back and forth about 4~5 times of grinding. 20TPD Wheat Flour Milling Plant has 5 sets of flour grinding machines (four is for wheat bran grinding and one is for the wheat heart grinding), therefore, material circulation walk back and forth without loop. And, there is equipped with a double storehouse sieve, the quality of the wheat flour is evenly.

  • Cost and Efficiency

There is no doubt that 20TPD wheat flour milling plant is more efficient in grinding since it has more flour grinding machines. But it also cost more.

The selection of the wheat flour milling machine should be based on your actual production needs and budget. If you have any questions on technical or cost, just contact us directly, our engineers will soon offer you the full answers.

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