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Flour Machine Daily Maintenance Made Easy: 6 Simple Steps

Flour milling machines is an essential part of a flour mill plant, working tirelessly to grind and process grains into fine flour. However, constant use and the demanding nature of the work can take its toll on these machines over a period of time, increasing the cost of flour mill repairs. (Related Posts: Cost of setting up a flour mill plant>>)

Therefore, we need to perform preventive maintenance of milling machines. Flour machine daily maintenance ensures that the machine runs efficiently, produces high quality flour, and extends its useful life, ultimately benefiting the flour mill business.

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Provide Professional Flour Machine Maintenance Service

Do you have these questions about your flour mill?

  • Produced flour with uneven consistency and substandard quality
  • Frequent flour mill machine downtime causing production process delays
  • Frequent ageing and replacement of bearings, belts or electrical components increases operating Costs

ABC Machinery is an experienced manufacturer of flour milling equipment and we offer seamless and hassle-free services to our customers. If you have any questions related to wheat, corn, rice or other grains processing equipment maintenance, please do not hesitate to consult us for a thorough solutions! 

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Essential Flour Machine Daily Maintenance Tips-Maximize Milling Lifespan

Regular maintenance plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation and longevity of a flour mill plant. The flour mill machines need regularly maintenance so that they can work without troubles. Below is a flour milling machine maintenance checklist that instruct the daily maintenance of grains processing equipment.

  • Check the bearing temperature regularly.

If the temperature is too high, operator shall check whether the lubrication and transmission parts work normally, whether the rolling distance is too tight, etc. The causes to these problems shall be found out in time, so that operator can take corresponding measures. If the situation is serious, operator should stop the flour machine to check.

  • Check the tightness of driving belt oftenly.

If the belt is too loose, it will reduce the transmission efficiency and affects grinding effect; if too tight, it's easy to cause heat to the bearings, increasing power consumption and reduce the service life of the driving belt.

  • Check all drive components are tightly secured.

All transmission parts must be tightly fastened, and removed or installed by special tools. It is prohibited to directly use hammer or similar tools to hit.

  • Check pneumatic components before starting the flour processing equipment.

When starts FMFQ model flour machine, always check all the pneumatic components in the gas path, whether there is leakage or damage to the gas path and joints, and to check whether the supply gas pressure can meet requirements or not.

Besides, the service condition of synchronous belt should be checked often: if too tight, too loose, bouncing, deviating, or wearing seriously, it should be timely adjusted, repaired or replaced.

The oil storing in atomized lubricator of the gas source triple body should be checked regularly, and must add 20# spindle oil, so as to avoid blocking pipe holes.

  • Check the oil line timely (semi-annually).

For the oil used in the oil pump of  6F series flour machine, user shall choose 20-40# machine oil according to air temperature, or other hydraulic oil of the same viscosity. Oil line shall be checked every half year, and the impurities shall be cleaned.

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  • Replace grinding roller regularly and orderly.

The rollers cannot be replaced too many per time, and the diameter disparity of the roller cannot be too large; the angle, inclination and the teeth number of the roller must be consistent with provisions; must keep a certain number of addendum surface.

The taper of all sections of the smooth roller must be accurate and meet the requirements; the surface roughness must be uniform. After grinding roller replacement, check with the feeler gauge and coarsely adjust the rolling distance according to the system of flour machine.

Comprehensive Maintenance Services and Technical Support Provider

In addition to performing regular flour machine inspections, it is critical to have access to professional technicians who can thoroughly evaluate and provide guidance on your equipment. 

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Our Technicians at the New Zealand Wheat Flour Project Site

At ABC Machinery, we are able to provide complete after-sales service and technical support to our customers who buy flour milling machines, including on-site installation and commissioning of turnkey flour mill project, and training programs for flour mill factory operators. Of course, you have any questions about flour machine, you can consult us to get free professional technical support!

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Benefits of Flour Mill Equipment Routine Maintenance

Fine grains processing equipment maintenance is the key to producing excellent flour. Proper care and maintenance of the flour manufacturing machine can not only ensure the personal safety of the operator, but also improve the efficiency of the wheat grinding machine and extend the service life of the flour milling equipment.

  • Enhancing flour machine performance
  • Extending service life of flour mill equipment
  • Reducing operating costs by avoiding costly repairs or replacements
  • Maintaining consistent product quality - purity and quality of flour
  • Ensuring the safety of the operator and the workplace

By partnering with ABC Machinery, you'll have access to our expertise and support to ensure that your flour processing equipment runs optimally for the long term benefit of your flour mill business. 

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