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From Budget to Profit:Wheat Flour Plant Setup Cost Analysis

Wheat flour is the main raw material of food, building a flour mill plant on wheat is a profitable method of generating income. The flour business provides a huge profit with low investment to initiate the business. As a supplier of China's top wheat flour processing plants, ABC Machinery has accumulated rich experience and can provide BEST wheat flour processing machines in India, Kazakhstan, Tadzhikistan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and so on .If you are interested in setting up a wheat flour mill factory, please feel free to contact us for the most professional guidance!

Setup Wheat Flour Mill Plant Cost
Setup Wheat Flour Mill Plant Cost

Advantages of Establishing A Wheat Flour Processing Plant

  • Flour mill business requires only moderate capital investment

Recent research provides in-depth analysis that wheat flour processing plants do not require high capital investment. Therefore, it is easier for entrepreneurs to start small-scale flour manufacturing.

  • The flour processing business has a bright future

The current and future trends of the flour processing business determine the potential of the entire flour market, which also indicates that the flour processing business will have a stronger position in the future.

  • The demand of flour is increasing

Nowadays, as people tend to eat healthy, the consumption of flour will continue to increase. The huge demand will make the establishment of flour processing mills a more successful business.


However, the amount of money required to set up a wheat flour mill plant may be huge. In fact, the cost of setting up a flour mill depends on various factors, like factory location, availability and costs of raw materials, equipment, maintenance and depreciation of equipment, labors, and more. (Read more: Wheat Flour Mill Machine Price >>) If you have the idea of building a wheat flour mill plant .please let us know, we can provide you with the most cost-effective turnkey solution within 24 hours!

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Cost Required to Setup a Wheat Flour Mill Plant

How much will it cost to set up a wheat flour mill plant ? As we know, the total cost of establishing a wheat flour processing plant will be determined by many factors, including raw materials,  equipment cost,land costs and labor costs, and so on.Therefore, the exact cost of setting up a wheat flour processing plant will vary with different requirements and specific circumstances.

  • Cost of Raw materials

The most important raw material for wheat flour production is wheat. The cost of this commodity may vary depending on various factors. For instance, the quantity demanded and the type and value of wheat can make the costs vary greatly. Moreover, locally or internationally outsourced wheat can vary in prices. Therefore, the most important thing is to determine the needs of the plant in terms of the factors before determining the exact values. Some of the other things that can make the prices vary are oil and gold prices, currency exchange rates, and weather conditions. Depending on the quality of wheat, the prices can range from $250 to $300 or even above per unit. (Related post: How to Start Flour Mill Business >>)

  • Equipment Cost

The cost of the wheat flour milling machine is determined by the type of the machines and their qualities among many other factors. The wheat flour mill machines and equipment that are of high quality and efficiency may be costly. However, their work may prove useful because the maintenance costs may be minimized. There are many kinds of equipment and material required in setting up a commercial flour mill. This may include building structures to house the mill machinery. The most important equipment is the flour milling machinery. The cost of this equipment may be determined by the milling capacity. For instance, an automatic flour mill plant may cost between US $19000 and $1448000. However, there are others that are either cheaper or expensive.

Wheat Flour Milling Equipment
Wheat Flour Milling Equipment

  • Land Costs

Land is an appreciating commodity. The cost of land just like the labor costs may depend on various factors. For instance, land in the towns and cities are more expensive compared to that in the rural areas. For instance, the Amazon bought land worth $4,300 per acre in a non-developed area. However, land can cost $196,400 per acre or more in some areas in the US. In addition to this, the cost may be so huge if the flour mill factory design intends to sit on a huge piece of land. (Related project: 160TPD Wheat Flour Mill Project Built in New Zealand >>)

Wheat Flour Mill Plant Factory Layout
Wheat Flour Mill Plant Factory Layout

  • Labor Costs

Just like the raw materials, the size of the plant and the production capacity can influence the labor costs. The plant requires both skilled and unskilled labor. Skilled labor is costly because paying a professional and skilled technician is not a joke. However, the costs of unskilled labor may be equally huge because these staff may take the majority of the workers. The rates of payment vary from one country to the other. Depending on the production capacity of the wheat flour plant, the costs may be even up to one third of the targeted revenue before tax. The most important thing is to know the number and caliber of staff required for the wheat flour mill plant to achieve its set goals and objectives.

You are welcomed to contact us for more detailed information about the cost of wheat flour mill plant and wheat flour processing machines ,We will offer you the specific list and you can know about it  clearly.

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Wheat flour processing technology

  • Escreening by vibrating screen

Filter out the impurities in the wheat, moldy wheat, and rotten wheat.


  • Water spray cleaning

On the one hand, it is to adjust the moisture and hardness of each part of the wheat grain, which is beneficial to the later peeling, so that the flour can be ground layer by layer, and on the other hand, it is also to ensure the cleanliness of the grain.


  • Transport wheat

The conveyor belt carries the wheat up, and the tube made of white iron is sucked up in a vacuum.


  • Grind the surface

The mechanical equipment can be ground up and down for continuous processing. In this way, flour can be produced. 

  • Screening

The milled mixed meal falls into the sieving structure to distinguish flour and wheat bran while extracting germ.


Complete Wheat Flour Plant Installation and Commissiong

The flour mill cost matters a lot on how to start a flour mill factory. If you want to set up your own wheat flour mill plant at reasonable cost and has high production efficiency, it is highly recommended to choose a reliable manufacturer or supplier. ABC Machinery has a professional design and development team that can tailor advanced wheat flour processing machines and technologies for our customers.We look forward to being your choice.

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Setup Small Scale Wheat Flour Mill Plant at Low Investment Capitals

Small scale wheat flour milling machine is divided into single machine, double machine, multi-group and semi-automatic small flour machine, which are suitable for rural areas, township workshops, food companies, small flour processing plants, etc. according to different functions. Small Scale Flour Mill Plant has the function of automatic feeding. It has become the most popular flour mill in various regions, because it covers a small area, requires less capital, and is easy to operate. It is very suitable for those who have a small workshop area, less budget, less demand for output. (Read more: Flour Mill Setup Cost in Pakistan >>)


Small Scale Wheat Flour Mill Plant
Small Scale Wheat Flour Mill Plant

Small Scale Wheat Flour Mill Project Technical Data - ABC Machinery


Power (Kw)

Workshop Dimension L*W*H (M)










Small flour machinery is a multi-functional grain milling machine, which can not only process wheat, but also corn, rice, sorghum, etc., and the flour it produced is also finer and tastes better; Although this device has a small shape, takes up less space, and is relatively simple to operate, it saves time, labor, but it has a lot of functions. It has an automatic feeding function and can complete the entire processing process automatically. No artificial participation is required during this period. The small scale flour mill is the same as the large flour machinery. There is equipment for peeling the wheat seed skin. After it peels the wheat seed skin, the quality of the flour will be relatively stable when processing wheat seed kernels.Therefore, a small wheat flour mill plant can be established with only a moderate amount of investment, and the functions are also very complete.

 30 TPD Wheat Flour Mill Project Built In Chile

Below are some photos of the successful wheat flour processing plant built in Chile. If you are interested in getting a customized project plan that includes a detailed price list, please tell us your production capacity and raw materials, we can provide you with the best price within 24 hours!

30TPD Wheat Flour Mill Plant in Chile
30TPD Wheat Flour Mill Plant in Chile

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ABC Machinery is a professional flour mill machine manufacturer and supplier in China, providing flour mill plant design, flour mill equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning. Our equipment, with reliable quality and reasonable price, has been recognized by the majority of customers and friends. Our flour mill plant has been exported to many countries around the world, such as India, Algeria, Zambia, New Zealand, Australia, America, Bangladesh, South Korea, Vietnam, the Middle East, Ukraine, Iran, Nigeria, Turkey, Zambia, Egypt, Kenya, the United Kingdom, and more. We have passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification.If you have any questions about wheat flour processing, or want to build your own wheat flour mill factory, contact us immediately and tell us what you need and what you want to know!



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